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Yahoo Music: Fun Way to Listen to Your Favorite Artist

Listening to music is one of the best forms of relaxation. It is a fact that people like to hear music for relaxing or for entertainment. With music, you create parties or dance with it just to have fun.

Listening to music relieves stress and for some people, it makes them work more efficiently. Imagine working on a long article with the deadline close at hand and you cannot think of anything to write about a particular topic.

You need to relax; listening to music can provide this. Some people listen to music while working in order to think more clearly. It is also a great stress reliever and can benefit you in many ways.

You can listen to music after working on your very long article to clear your mind and relieve stress.

Many people listen to radios or play CD�s of their favorite artist. It can be anything. You can even download music in the internet and play them on your mp3 player.

Because of the internet, people can have access to the most popular music today. The internet also provides online radio stations where you can listen to music from different countries and different genres.

Whether you like to hear classical music or rock music, the internet will provide you with your favorite music genres. Some internet radio can even let you choose what music you want to play.

You can personalize your radio on some websites. This means that you can create a play list of your favorite artist and start playing them via the internet.

One of the best websites to play music is in Yahoo Music. Yahoo not only offers email services but they also have a music website that you can customize to tailor your needs.

If you have a yahoo account, you can access their LAUNCHcast Radio where all the most popular music of different genres can be played. All you have to do is sign in to your Yahoo account and start listening to music.

Yahoo Music also has music videos where you can watch and hear your favorite artist�s music videos. It also has a list of the most popular music on the billboard charts.

Here, you can find out what is the number one music and artist in the market. You also have access to the latest news on your favorite artists.

Another feature is the Yahoo online radio station. Yahoo�s online radio station can be customized so that it will only play your favorite music. It has a voting system where the Yahoo radio software can determine what music you like and do not like.

This voting system can let the radio station know what music to play when you are using your account.

However, you will hear commercials from time to time you listen to Yahoo Radio. Audio quality is also from low to medium in regular LAUNCHcast. Yahoo Music also has another feature called LAUNCHcast Plus. This feature eliminates commercials, unlimited song skipping, and high audio quality and unlimited customized radio settings.

It also has 120 and pre-programmed radio stations unlike the 35 plus on regular subscription, mood stations, and new music. LAUNCHcast Plus is a great feature. However, you will be required to pay for the service.

Payments in Yahoo LAUNCHcast Plus are available either on monthly or annual basis. It also offers a 7-day trial period to let you determine if you really want to subscribe.

However, if you do decide that you do not want this feature, you should cancel within the 7-day trial period or you will be charged for the subscription.

If you are working and looking for a way to take a break, listening to Yahoo LAUNCHcast radio is a great way to unwind.

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12:16 PM

Acoustic Guitars: Three Characteristics

Almost as important as the design of the guitar is the acoustics themselves, which is enabled and enhanced by the types of materials, design and relatively important manufacturing secrets and construction features.

For the most part, three main features are identified that contribute to these characteristics of the guitar. They are

Material Composition
Plate Bracing

The term coupling is referring to when two vibrating objects, surfaces and patterns connect, intermingle and vibrate together, absorb and resonate. Energy displacement,  from the source or impetus for the sound, namely plucking a string with your finger (or picked, strummed) the sting and bridge vibrate, stimulating the soundboard, traveling as airwaves and vibrations into the internal air cavity, of the guitar, travels around inside the sound-box, vibrating against the sides and back and keeps on going. If the components, individually and collectively work and connect, resonate and sound good, vibrate together, great music is to be made from and with it. When all the individual elements and sound wave patterns work well together, guitar is in tune, then the system is said to be coupled together and working well.

The  guitar sound-box or body, actually acts as a channeling avenue for the sound, converting high pitch, high pressure vibrations at the bridge into low pressure vibrations in the surrounding air. It matches "impedance�. Higher sounds are created through stings and bridge, soundboard flow. Lower sounds are created through internal 

The higher frequency (pitch) sounds are produced by string interaction with the bridge and then the sound board, whereas the lower frequencies are essentially driven by the internal air cavity/sound hole and ribs/back coupling effects:

How the vibrations flow, can also give some resonance frequency and how the strings are played can also have an effect or secondary influence on what the sounds will actually be.

Coupling between the different guitar parts will depend on a couple of factors, like which kinds of material are used, where they are places, math/geometry principles and the science of sound and frequency, resonance and playing techniques.

How these different parts come together is almost similar to how instruments play together in an orchestra, each having its part to play, forming a beautiful, resounding symphony of sound, song and music! If there is too much �coupling� sounds will be harsh-sounding and not pleasant on the ear, despite best-effort tuning.

Construction, materials and resonance symmetries, as well as bracing , even how the sides and top/back plates are connected, bridge type and placement, even glue or adhesive will all affect the final tone and sound-quality of the instrument.  Sound-holes are resonators of the created sounds.  Acoustics are also dependent on material Composition (more on that later).

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10:02 AM

Acoustic Guitars: Fun Facts

With a tale that spans over four centuries, there certain is a lot of trivia, facts, myths, speculation, patents, accessories, models, types and iterations of the modern guitar around.

Yet, its place in the people�s hearts is still pretty much reserved and prime space, taken and not yet willing to let up. The classical guitar design and sound has stayed true to its origins and nature, with a range of modifications, refinements over the years. Both instrument, playing style, techniques (strumming, plucking, tabbing, capping etc.) are now quite common. Many instrument makers, producers, musicians, professional and amateur players, composers, song-writers, self-taught maestros enjoy the sounds and joy that this soundbox with strings can provide with such relative ease and minimal skill.

Famous names and players, composes and guitar pioneers include: Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710), Fernando Sor (1778-1839), Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829), Francisco T�rrega (1852-1909), Andr�s Segovia (1893-1987), The Romeros, Julian Bream (1933), and John Williams (1941).

Fingering methods, nails, fingertips or picks are used to pluck, strum or plectrum, box guitars to play polyphonic music.

When it comes to playing methods there are many different techniques to use. Fingerboards, chords, frets, neck, spacers, raised onto or with a footstool,. As you will see most often with classical players of the guitar. Resting on the leg and right arm is also quite common for positioning. Mobility, access and fingering can be extremely important for more complex moves and music on the classical guitar. It is not for the faint of heart. The right hand is often compared to the bow of a violinist, giving voice to the instrument. The guitar has a wide variety of different tones, volumes and sound nuances that you can created comfortably, with little mastery and practice to perfect your technique of preference. No two playing styles will be the same. Every player will tune and play the guitar in their own way. Strings are typically made up of gut, nylon or carbon fibre, with modern composite treble strings, even steel. These all give each guitar a unique sound, with a wide range of depth and variety in its music, sound and repertoire that can be achieved. There has been very little change in the size and design of the classical guitar for at least the past 100 years, although new instruments and variations on the guitar theme kept making debuts. The fallback was always the old-time favorite, made of cedar or spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard for the purists amongst guitar-lovers and avid enthusiasts.

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7:27 AM

Acoustic Guitars: A Short History

During the middle ages, you found guitars of different shapes, design, soundboxes, some with three, four, and five strings, even curved sides. Some claims to fame have the Spanish or Hawaiians, contributing to our modern people�s favorite instrument.

The Moors and European influences, on the shape of the oval soundbox with holes to optimize vibration and channeling of sound have to deserve some mention here as well.

There are also traced and evidence, documents and samples of four double-string guitars, similar to lutes, dating back to the 15th century, with a 16th century addition, namely a fifth, double-string added into the mix and harmony.

During the 1700�s Italy reigned supreme for guitar-making, with the Spanish adding a 6th string in the late 1800�s.

With global transportation and travel in the early 1900�s a reality now, word, music and popularity spread. Models with broadened body, increased waist curve, thinned belly, improved internal bracing, single string courses and machined head replaced wooden tuning pegs.

Whether inspired, altered, adjusted or modified, the guitar carries within it the voices and sounds of history and ancient times. Medieval, renaissance instruments, like the gittern, lute, wood-carved and lovingly hand-made, still inspires craftsman and artisanship in the making of guitars. The hand-made models typically being more expensive, even double in price than the mass-produced instruments.

Spain gave us the vihuela as a pioneer for our modern guitar, a four string guitarra, made its way into the heart of the people, more-so than the lute, later adding two more streings for depth, range and dynamic complexity.The oldest six string built back in 1759 in Italy, inspired the later-form mandolin.

Today concert, classical guitar, contemporary, ultra-sleek and modern-made guitars are readily available and quite affordable. Offering greater volume, more vibrations and longer sustain, even Multi-string classical guitars (6, 7 or 10 strings). So, regardless of the originator, first design, idea, application time or context, the guitar has come a long way and from the very first strumming, has earned a place in the heart of the people, humanity. Even to this day, there is nothing more soothing and unifying that a strumming guitar to feed the soul!

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