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Current News for April 06, 2008

The role of blog in BBC News

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 18:02:16 PDT
Alfred Hermida has posted a link to his research on how the BBC has integrated blogging in its journalism. Hermida was a pioneering online news editor at the BBC and is now a journalism professor who runs the excellent website. His research covers seven years and examines how the BBC sought to incorporate blogging in its journalism, both as a format for new journalistic thinking and as a platform for greater accountability and transparency. Hermida says his research suggests that

The Trend That Is Video Webcasting

Fri, 04 Apr 2008 23:02:51 PDT
Video webcasts for effective internet marketing

Alberta bucks national job trends (660 News)

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 13:31:03 PDT
Overall, Alberta's unemployment fell from 3.5% in February to 3.4% last month. But Calgary's March rate rose to 3.0% from 2.8% in February, still the lowest city rate in the country. The national unemployment ...

World News-World Infomation

Fri, 22 Jun 2007 10:11:04 PDT
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How Google Trends And Blogger Are Used To Spread Viruses

Sat, 05 Apr 2008 17:39:14 PDT
Combination of Google Trends and Google Blogger is being used by people to spread computer virus, malaware and drive traffic to porn sites.


Sun, 06 Apr 2008 15:50:02 PDT
Fashion, fashion, fashion!

Northeast Ohio is Buzzing with Real-Time Local News at

Thu, 20 Sep 2007 00:00:01 PDT
Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) September 20, 2007 -- News has taken on a whole new meaning. Gone are the days of waiting for the traffic or weather report or the latest sports and news. Or waiting days to...

A scary little horror movie: shutter

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 08:22:14 PDT
Following the trend of the many great Asian horror movies, shutter is successful in creating a terrifying and tense atmosphere with a captivating as well as interesting story line. The film begins with the recently married couple of Jane and Ben being introduced just after their ceremony. Unknown of the dangers


Sun, 06 Apr 2008 17:14:43 PDT
News Reports, Opinion, Original Reporting, Independent News, Commentary and Insight.

“Frumka” Group Leader Arrested on Charges of Child Abuse: Reactions (on the Lilith Blog)

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 18:07:00 PDT
The following is cross-posted on the Lilith blog: The news broke last week, and the public, especially the Orthodox community, has been struggling to make sense of the whole thing and who is at fault for the shocking turn of events. The leader of a bizarre sect of fervently Orthodox women in Israel, who cover every inch of their flesh and face in burka-like layers of clothing, was arrested “on charges of assaulting and neglecting her 12 children, some of whom are believed to have committed i

Had one made also for

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 14:17:07 PDT
Just finished a video advertising Talk Nascar Blog. Includes up to date nascar news daily and driver video's

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